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Welcome !

* You're looking for a voice that sounds like a natural friendly human, but professional and knowledgeable ? You've found it, send me your text right away.

* Do you need a voiceover in French and the same one in English for your company's presentation ? No need to search twice, I'll do both for you.

* Do you need a voice for your telephone answering service by the end of the day ? No problem, speak to me.

Chat to me about voicing your telephone messaging, eLearning, explainer videos, commercials, presentations, product videos, corporate training, documentaries; and also characters for audiobooks, apps and games. 

​From my personal studio, I will record your script in English, French or even German (with a French accent).


​South Africa has been my home for many years, but I grew up immersed in French culture and language with a love of travelling and discovery. I take great pleasure in lending my voice to projects for clients all over the world - always with professionalism and punctuality.

My background in environmental sciences, property investment and retail architecture, makes me comfortable with all the words you can throw at me to read from the jargon of multiple industries 

Specialty jargon: medical, architecture and construction

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