Need a voice to make your presentation come alive ? That's exactly what I will do for you ! 

Narration is my thing: online articles and blogs, audiobooks, e-learning, explainer videos, presentations, product videos, corporate manuals, documentaries. Character acting and commercials are up my alley too: I can give you a sultry voice, enticing, but also energetic, enthusiastic, or conversational.

French Chocolat - Gaelle Gosselin
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English - French Accent - Gaelle Gosselin
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South African English - Gaelle Gosselin
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Appreciating life in South Africa, I take great pleasure in lending my voice to projects for clients all over the world.  Following on an early childhood in France, Johannesburg has always been my home, but French international schooling, local university and world travelling has coloured my vocal chords with a fair dose of character ! I've always loved reading stories aloud and creating the voices of creatures that make children laugh and learn to love books.

I attended the Booth Camp at SAVOA to gain experience, run by well-known South African VO artist Craig Ross, where my original demos were also professionally produced. ( training to improve my skills in the multitude of associated fields - with Gravy For The Brain training platform, Carrie Olsen eLearning coach, Real-Voice-LA etc..


Fluent in French and English, I can provide seamless transition between both languages, enabling clients to reach a much wider audience.


I have a personal studio and edit my own audio with Adobe Audition, which enables me to work online for international clients. You will find that I am professional, reliable and always punctual.

With a background in property development and retail architecture, I have just about grown up in the property industry, and would love to see voiced videos being used increasingly as a tool to promote services and properties in South Africa, aiming to be instrumental in the growth of this field.

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English Commercials & Promos - Gaelle Gosselin
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French Conversational Character - Gaelle Gosselin
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60 Second Demo - Gaelle Gosselin
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60 seconds Demo Reel​

English and French Commercial spots with a variety of tones - eloquent, enthusiastic, narration, sultry...

French Narration - Gaelle Gosselin
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English Narration - Gaelle Gosselin
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Audiobook Narration

I've always loved reading stories out loud. So when my children became too old for bedtime books, I started lending my voice to Audiobooks. Starting with classic novels collaborations for, in English and in French; then reading extracts of various authors' works to help promote the physical versions.

French Demo - Gaelle Gosselin
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English Demo - Gaelle Gosselin
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Explainer Video & eLearning Voice-Overs

Elearning, and explainer videos for corporate use or internet diffusion are becoming increasingly popular. In these two demos I showcase some of my projects in English and French. 


Oh my God, I cannot even explain how good the experience was working with Gaelle! She is an absolute professional and brilliant in the voice-over. I gave her the script and within a few hours she not only recorded the script but she actually sort of put her soul in the voice-over and pitched and toned exactly the way i wanted in one shot!

Yusuf Memon, United Arab Emirates

Telling the world: Gaelle Gosselin is a pure Gem!

Joseph-Emmanuel N., Paris

We did some voice-over work together with Gaelle. She was super quick in responding and getting the job done and even did some suggestions/corrections to the script provided. Lovely working together!, Netherlands

Fantastic work Gaelle. This is excellent! The pace, tone and style is perfect, and your handling of the technical terms, superb. Thank you for the very efficient turnaround, professional quality and a very impressive dry run.

Lynn Tan, Singapore

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