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Feel like joining in on the fun ? Don't move until you've read-up a little: it's not an easy career, but it is certainly satisfying !

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Voice Over Coaching

In Johannesburg and Cape Town, get your voice-over coaching from the South African Voice Over Academy, with Craig Ross, now available online as well !

Visit their website at   www.savoa.co.za

Voice Over Equipment

You'll need the following to get started (click the links to redirect to Amazon for product ideas):

- a cardioid condenser microphone (not a USB mic though, they're not really good enough quality)

- a pop filter - metal or fabric

- a microphone stand, either a desk arm or a floor stand

- an audio interface with 48V phantom power (also known as a pre-amp)

- and a recording computer programme, such as Audacity (which is free) or Adobe Audition (which is amazing !)

Studio Sound Treatment

The room in which you record, otherwise known as your studio, is just as, if not more, important than your equipment and your talent.


If you want serious professional treatment, check out these companies I found online while searching for advice for my own studio space - note that I have never yet used their services:

Foamrite Acoustics

- Genesis Acoustics

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